Saturday, August 24, 2013

          We took a little road trip to my hometown this past weekend.  We visited with my mother, then went to a family reunion on my dad's side of the family.  It was great to see cousins, aunts, uncles.  When I am around the Scott side of the family, I feel like little Shelly-Lynn-monkey-tail again.   Grandma Scott is gone, but being with them makes her seem with us again.  They were a poor, but loving, sweet family.  They showed their love, and it was different on my mom's side of the fam.  They were a little rougher around the edges, and definitely more reserved with their affection.  I will always be proud of being raised an Oklahoma country girl.

5 of the 9 kids. 

 A beautiful view looking at Oklahoma from Texas.

Had some nature time!

Had a little fun with this dog's hiney.

Sneaked a picture of my dad smiling.  He did not go to his reunion.  Crowds are not his thing.  Even a crowd of people who love him.  Ironically, one of my aunts reminisced about him with great anecdotes about how he was as a kid, and it doesn't sound unlike now.  Daddy came by the reunion site 2 hours before people were supposed to arrive, "just in case".  We love him anyway.  
I spent Saturday night with Robin and her family, and Sunday with my cousins from mom's side of the family. We swam at the family pond, and held babies.  It was a great weekend.

     A picture of our first week homeschool mess.  We have already worked on 2 science experiments,  Grady has read a ton (for him), and we are flying through math.  He started 6th grade curriculum, but 5th grade math to catch him up. I also realized how inept I am at geography.  We are on a good roll.

     We picked out tile for the bathroom, and sheet rocked the west living room wall. I also started priming the kitchen cabinets.  Moving right along!!

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  1. This made me homesick :( I miss you terribly. Let's talk on the phone soon or something. I need my sissy fix.