Sunday, September 29, 2013

     These last few weeks have been same ol' same ol', but hectic.  Sometimes it is like I have my fingers in too many pies, but never quite enjoy the whole slice.  Not sure where that analogy came from, but it fits. Between the little patch projects to get into the house, Grady homeschooling, museum, and work, I am spinning, but these things  are all already worth it, or will be.

 Abby had a day in 1910 at a one-room schoolhouse.

    The west wall in the living room is finally finished.  Since this picture, I have applied 2 more coats of paint to cover the mud & tape errors.  The ceiling fan has been hung, the outlets had to be replastered because the rectangles were too big, and on & on.

My younger sister Robin had a birthday!

                Where a porch will be next year.

                                                                                  My dream porch!

Remember this insanity?                    It makes this look gorgeous!
Same view, different day!

 My cousin did some genealogy research on my father's side.  I am so excited to see what else she dug up.

Home school is going great!

Especially when we have class outside.

I like to try to explore no matter where I am, or at least see a little new/old bit of home when I am there visiting. So today I took a shot of California street near my old hometown.  I don't know how many hours I killed, and heartbreaks I shopped through in the many, many antique shops near this area.  I had plans to ride around in "the bottom," but ran out of time.  "The bottom" is the accumulation of backroads in my hometown that all veer near the river, and we grew up on that side of town.  Has a romantic sound to it, huh?

These 2 sweet girls each had birthdays this month, and so did my sweet step-dad, my brother-in-law, and my nephew Andrew!  If I left anyone out I am sorry, but I am on September birthday overload.

 The little bathroom is almost complete.

I realize these pictures are all over the place, but that is how life is right now!  

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  1. I love these updates, but they make me miss you all like crazy. Love the house photos! And Grady having school outside, how cool! Is he enjoying it? I forgot to ask you last night.