Wednesday, August 7, 2013

     This past week has been filled with a little of nothing & a lot of something.  I worked over the weekend.  I work in a hospital as a nurse.  Some days I am on the med-surg floor, others I am in ER.  I really do like my job & some days even love it...However, we do not get much done in the evenings on the house after working.  Other things going on this past 7 days or so;

Lots of painting!  This will be the kitchen.  Right now it is storage for all upcoming project (crap) supplies.

The living room.  Also storage for  projects right now.

 Of course, the Pepto-Bismol colored  room is Abby's :)

     We made a trip to the library.  I had a 29.00 fine.  Great.  Turns out I kept a book by mistake, so it was returned and they didn't make me pay all of it.  However, I wouldn't have minded working the fine off pretending I was a librarian for a day. I remember wanting to be a librarian,hanging out all day with all of those books.  Sounds heavenly.  But that was the days before libraries had internet. It wouldn't be the same.  We checked out a Pippi Longstocking DVD.  Wow, those are weird now.  She is a classic though.  Abby got a Junie B. Jones book, and the old Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz. Grady even got a book and "it is still a week until school mom."  I am aware of that son, but your brain will not implode if you read during the summer.   He is not convinced. 

 Did some bird watching.

     Took the kids to the water park.  I am sooooo over Summer weather.    Like before it began. So it was probably the last time for this year.  I just didn't feel cool in my lounge chair watching them play with my glowing white legs frying, with a t-shirt over my head to block the sun..I forgot a hat.  

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