Wednesday, July 24, 2013

     Well, after graduating in May 2012, I became much more of a helper than I ever wanted to be.  I learned to help hang insulation, tape & mud the sheet rock, sanding, and other miscellaneous things I never wanted to have to know.  But, to be fair, it was time.  I may as well buy stock in the netti-pot and visine eye drops due to the amount of sheet rock dust that has amassed in my eyelids and sinuses over time.  GAH! We do wear safety goggles & appropriate face masks, but still, it isn't pretty.  

     Now it is July 2013.  We have accomplished so much with this little place of ours, but still have not moved into the house.  We are thisclose!

      We are deep in the middle of painting, plumbing & patching areas on the walls & ceilings that I may have, ahem, rushed through, and can still see a bubbled up area of tape.  So picky. We are taking a break for the next few days and hitting it hard again next week.  The central heat & air should be started this weekend!!!




  1. It looks SO good. You're making me want to come home, buy a fixer upper, demolish and rebuild it :) Your living in a shop for 2 years makes our year of moving around aimlessly seem like a cakewalk!

  2. At least we had a place to call guys were like gypsies back & forth! It also looks so much easier in pictures...but before & after pictures are fun.