Wednesday, July 31, 2013


     Today I woke up in a funny mood.  I was feeling discouraged with working on the house, the heat, and general discontent with just days feeling at a standstill.

     I immediately texted my sister, and did not hold back on how yuck I was feeling about the sluggish progress, and general crankiness in my air.

      She came through as usual with words of wisdom, reminders of importance, and a stern kick in my butt.  I needed it.  Thank you Robin. 

 She is in the middle of my mama & me.

She is in the middle here too.

I am not sure how people get by without sisters. Robin is wise way beyond her young years, and tells it like it is at the same time being very sensitive to people's feelings. That is a talent.  My youngest sister Susanne (above on the right) is overseas.  We are 8 years apart, but she has done more living & good than most ever do. I love her and miss her, her husband & boys.  Some people just exude patience, & coolness and that is Susanne.  I am just not sure how people get by without sisters.

My mama will be another post completely  :)

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