Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The first few months of buying the land & house.

     After buying the land/(what were we thinking?) house, we commuted back & forth about 15 miles to begin demo and build a shop to live in.  The shop & the addition on the ease side of the house went up pretty quickly because it was hired out.  We roamed the land a lot, made decisions about views, placement of the shop, etc., etc.  We thought shop living would only be about a year, but it will be 2 years in August!  Feels like 6, but quit griping Shelly.  We collected a few kitties, and had another homeless doggy dropped there.  All in all, we thought we were ready.  Then we realized we needed a truck, and a tractor, and more money.   Hence, doing the rest of this alone.  

     After a few months, we moved into the shop.  At the same time I entered RN school, and that 9 months was a blur.  All I remember was I wasn't much help in the house.  We got walls torn down, old paneling, sheet rock & carpet out.  At some point, the roof was ripped off, a metal one put on, and siding put up.  An old porch was also demolished from the west end of the house.  All of this done pretty much by my hubs.  Cue, proud moment.  When I look back to see what has been accomplished, it helps.  We are getting so close here in 2013, but gah!!! 

 The shop we have made home for now.

 The foundation for the addition.  It will be a master BR/bath, a craft room..(woot woot, or face palm, not sure which since all of my crafts are a distant dream for now, and if I get my own room, I had better crank out handmade for my family for the rest of my life and never spend another dime on store bought gifts, or I will surely hear about it, ha), and a utility room!

     I am sure this blog and filtering back through these pictures will help keep me sane in this last couple of months of getting into the house. If not, I will continually lie to anyone who asks how it is going that it is going fine, and complain & gripe to anyone within ear shot how miserable I am waiting. 

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