Saturday, November 24, 2012

Being a step-mom

I have a step-daughter Amanda.  She is 14 years old, and is still sweet, and likeable.  When I was her age I was sullen, miserable, and cranky.  She has never minded what people thought about her fashion sense, and I was so concerned with which Charlie's Angel people would mistake me for, and if my leg warmers would stand out too much.  I am glad our relationship has turned into friendship.  Her mother and I get along well (thank you Jesus), because that would never be awkward.   My niece Trinity and Amanda are the same age and they are precious!!

 Amanda (the coolest big sister in the world), with Abby.


 Trinity, Amanda, & Abby


  1. It's incredible that you and Amanda have kept such a good relationship. You're both wonderful people, so I guess that helps :) But SO FEW step parents have good relationships with their step kids! You two give the world hope.

  2. Thank you..Well, I think it would be more difficult if we lived together. But, we would work it out somehow :)